Why You Should Hire a Wedding Designer for Your Big Day


Soon after you start planning your wedding, you quickly realize just how much work is involved. The venue, food, entertainment, decorations, flowers – there are countless decisions to be made, errands to run, and details to be ironed out leading up to your big day.


You could try to juggle it all yourself, but many couples choose to relieve some of that stress by seeking professional help. At that point, they discover there’s yet another decision to make: whether to hire a wedding planner or a wedding designer (or both).


Wedding Planner vs Wedding Designer – What’s the Difference?

If you’re faced with this decision, we’re here to help. Let’s first explain the difference between the two titles...


Wedding planners are logistical masters. From selecting vendors and handling contracts to managing your budget and timeline, they take care of planning your wedding (remember that Jennifer Lopez movie?!). On the other side of the coin, wedding designers (or wedding decorators) are creative artists. They focus on the overall look of your wedding – the decorations, fabrics, flowers, lighting, etc.


Now, some wedding planners might offer design services, and some wedding designers might offer planning services, but they are essentially two very different roles, involving two very different skill sets.


When to hire a wedding planner is pretty obvious – if organization is not your strong suit, or you simply don’t want to deal with coordinating all the logistics of your big day, hire someone who thrives on that. But when it comes to decorations, you can find pretty much anything under the sun online, and then buy or rent it. So why should you hire a wedding designer?


Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Designer


●        You get a custom look. Many couples have a vision of how they want their wedding ceremony and reception to look, while others have no idea where to start. In either case, it’s beneficial to hire a wedding designer. For those that know what they want, a wedding designer can put together a custom design and bring your vision to life. For those who feel lost, a wedding designer can help you determine what you like and don’t like, and offer decor that speaks true to your personal style.


●        They can revamp any venue. No matter how big or small, plain or decorative your venue is, an experienced wedding designer knows how to make it look gorgeous and inviting. They’re able to accent the best parts of a space, create focal points, and hide any distracting elements.


●        Your wedding photos will be beautiful. Background is a key element of any truly great photo. Beautiful decor ensures beautiful wedding photos (that is, as long as you hire a professional photographer – we’ll break down that topic in a future blog post). 


●        They handle every aspect of decor for your ceremony and wedding reception. A talented wedding designer will make sure every element of your decor is beautiful and cohesive to your overall design, from the backdrops and floral arrangements to the place settings, tables, and chairs. Most experienced designers already have a large inventory of decorations, fabrics, lighting, and accessories, and are able to source any specific items you want to include in your wedding decor. Sure, you might have an eye for design and ability to hunt down rentals on your own, but that’s where the next benefit comes in…


●        They set up and take down decorations. Would you like to be climbing up on a ladder to hang giant fabrics or setting up elaborate reception tables a few hours before you walk down the aisle? Probably not. A full-service event designer takes care of installing and removing your wedding decorations. This is a lot more helpful than you might think, because many churches and halls will not allow you to set up decorations until just a few hours before the ceremony, and want them taken down shortly after (they might have another wedding before or after yours). Even if your venue isn’t strict about this, it still takes hours to do the work. What bride or groom wants to be stressing out over this stuff the day before – or worse, the morning of – their nuptials? Leave it to the professionals so you, your family, your friends, your wedding party, and your guests can all simply enjoy this special time.


Looking for a Wedding Designer in the Twin Cities?

Nunu Decor is an experienced, full-service wedding and event designer serving the Twin Cities metro area. We create custom, memorable wedding designs, and provide all aspects of decor for your big day, including draping and backdrops, lighting, tables and chairs, floral arrangements, centerpieces, bouquets, and more!


Our designer, Nunu, is an accomplished artist who loves seeing the look on her client’s face after she turns their dreams for their big day into a reality. Although she focuses on the aesthetics of your event, she is very knowledgeable about local vendors and venues, and more than happy to provide referrals.


Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life – let us help make it a moment to remember! Call us today at (651)746-9255 or email nunudecor@gmail.com to schedule a consultation.