Corporate events are excellent ways to shed new light on your company. The key to maintaining the credibility and professionalism you've worked so hard to establish on behalf of your business is to make any event associated with its name memorable. With NuNu Decor, Twin Cities businesses have an expert partner that can transform their next events from drab team-building exercises into events that are talked about for months to come.

What NuNu Decor Brings to the Table

At NuNu Decor, we bring passion and expertise to every event we undertake. Regardless of your budget, theme, or guest list, we offer a number of ways that are designed to make your next event your most memorable one yet including:


1.      Custom Event Design

Your business is unlike any other in the industry, so why should any event you sponsor or host have a cookie-cutter feel? It shouldn't! Partnering with NuNu Decor gives your business access to a custom design experience that reflects your style and needs while staying within your budget.


With our large inventory of event elements including centerpieces, draping, decorations, lighting, and backdrops, NuNu Decor has the skills and resources to transform any event space. You'll also find that we can provide all the practical elements your event needs, such as place settings, table linens, tables and chairs, flatware, glassware, and more.


2.      Flowers Make the Event

Whether you envision a semi-formal event or a more casual atmosphere, flowers are a must! At NuNu Decor, we are florists who can create subtle floral arrangements that discreetly add to the character and charm of your event. NuNu Decor can also put together a stunning arrangement that is the centerpiece of your event while matching the theme. Meeting with NuNu Decor is the first step in creating the kind of floral arrangement that adds sophistication and vibrancy to any event.


3.      Focus on the Decor

For corporate events, chances are you won't ever use the decor again. This doesn't mean a generic theme will work, though. If you want to make this an event to remember, the decor has to be able to set the stage. NuNu Decor has a warehouse teeming with modern decor that's constantly being updated with new textures, colors, styles, and more. They have the experience to guide you when you're choosing the right decor that will set your event apart from all the others in the area.


Ready to create the most memorable corporate event of the year? Contact NuNu Decor today to schedule a consultation or to book our services.